Myth-Busting! Technique or Numbers – What is more important?

Ok the first in our myth busting series!

How many times have you been asked your max lifts? I’m often asked numerous times a day and I can’t help but think that we celebrate and judge the number lifted rather than the form used. Even though you’ll lift more in the long run if your form is right!

How many times have you seen people in the gym grind out a lift with terrible and sometimes dangerous form because they think lifting x amount will make them popular or more successful. It’s a problem that’s always been around but definitely one that’s become worse since the onset of social media and “influencers”. It annoys me that technique is an after thought.

It’s time we all started checking our egos! Strip back the weight, work on weaknesses, get the technique right and the big numbers will follow! 

Record your lifts. Not for “the gram” but for you (and your coach) to watch back notice weaknesses or areas to tweak and then when you have the technique nailed (and only then) begin increasing the weights.

Cracking form on a lift may not get as many likes as lifting a huge amount – but ask yourself is it really worth risking an injury for a couple likes? For me form trumps weight every day. I’d rather see technically good lifts than huge numbers!

So to all those ego lifters out there…Just stop and let’s show the next generation of lifters that form and technique is important and not an after thought. And let’s remember even the strongest men and women in the world will strip weights right down to improve technique!

Lifting is amazing, it’s empowering, it’s a great way to stay fit and healthy – but it needs to be done right!

Let’s swap the focus from numbers to technique because ultimately that will stop a lot of injuries and make us stronger in the end!

So yes the quote in the image is a myth! Lifting is not about numbers over form! 


We Are Strong.

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