Myth Busting: Lifting weights makes you look like a man….or does it?!

Time for another myth busting post!!

How many times have you heard someone say to a woman lifting weights “Lifting weights will make you bulky and look like a man”

How many times have you believed it?

Lifting weights will change your body. That’s a fact. Just as endless hours of cardio will change you body. It saddens me that so many women don’t touch a weight because they believe that weight training will make them look huge and grow muscles that make them look like the hulk!!

Lifting weights will not give you a big pro bodybuilder physique overnight!! I think that also kind of diminishes the amount of work, dedication and sacrifice that bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongmen/strongwomen and other athletes put in if people think that they’ll achieve that level of muscle growth by picking up a dumbbell greater than 5kg!

I think it is something enhanced by diet culture and society forcing us to fit into neat little boxes – as women we are told we shouldn’t want to build muscle – that we must stay skinny – that muscles are only for men and the age old saying that we just need to tone. Well guess what that’s just another way to say build muscle!

The truth is the joy and empowerment that I, my clients and many others get from lifting is the best feeling! It helps you understand your body, it helps you feel proud and confident about what your body can achieve and you know what I bet you can surprise yourself with how much you can actually lift!

It takes YEARS of dedication, hard work and massive sacrifices to get the physiques of the pro athletes. So please don’t worry about ending up massive (not that there is anything wrong with that by the way!) lifting weights will boost your health, your fitness and your self-esteem! Yes you’ll gain some muscle but you know what we all have muscle and I promise you it won’t just magically appear!!

So next time you’re in the gym – go to the free weights and (safely obviously) have a go at something heavier than a 5kg dumbbell – lifting weights is for everyone and it may just be the best thing you ever do!!

Ending up looking manly or huge will not happen if you pick up a dumbbell! It’s a bit more complex than that!!

So yes the quote in the image is a complete myth!!

Stay strong!


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