Gym Nerves…

Are nerves stopping you from joining the gym and making that first step on your journey?

We all have apprehension when we first join a gym – at one point or another every single one of us was a beginner and took our first steps into the gym – nerves are normal! BUT they can stop you from going to the gym so this blog tells you a couple things you can do to help combat those nerves!

I remember when I first walked into the gym, I didn’t really know what I was doing – I had some basic knowledge and I did a bit of research. But I still had that nervous anxiety that made me debate whether I should or shouldn’t. It was made worse when I walked in, it’s Monday evening – the busiest time! But I went and got that first session done – for the most part my anxieties were all in my head – most of the people in the gym were too busy occupied with their own workout that they didn’t even notice I existed.

As with anything choosing the right gym is crucial. Yes money may dictate a lot of what you decide, but this isn’t a luxury we’re talking about. It’s your health and fitness, its being able to chase your kids around, walk the dog without struggles, its about you mental health too – it is worth making sure you pick the right place! 

When you walk in a gym what’s the atmosphere like? Is there a friendly member of staff at the entrance welcoming you or is it hard to even see who is staff? Is the music cranked up so loud you can barely hear your own thoughts? Is the music so low you can barely hear it? Is it clean? Tidy? Is there a large range of equipment? Have they got PTs? All of these are things you should ask yourself. Have a tour – its perfect to find out what the gym is like – visit a couple times at different times/days, speak to current members.

So you took that first big leap and joined your gym and you are still nervous and ready to talk yourself out of it. What then? 

We all get nervous. It’s natural. The fitness industry is full of contradicting advice which can often add to the anxiety. It is easier said than done, but getting that first session done starts the ball rolling. There are things you can do to make it easier to cope with:

  • Workout buddy! Take a friend, partner, family member to workout with you
  • Go to the gym during quieter times – Monday evenings are usually the busiest time
  • Take headphones – put a playlist on your phone and completely focus on you!
  • Get a PT – we are here to help!
  • Don’t worry about the latest trends on social media – stick to the basics
  • Have an induction – all gyms will run inductions where you are shown around the gym and shown how to use some of the equipment. If you want in depth instruction that’s where a PT comes in useful.

For the most part the big lifters and serious gym users are a friendly bunch and often willing to point you in the right direction if you can’t find something – just don’t approach people mid set – wait until they’ve finished before asking if they are done with kit or if they know where something is. That’s not to say you don’t get the occasional idiot or bully – they are everywhere after all, but if you ever come across these people tell a member of staff. If you ever feel overwhelmed or bullied tell a member of staff! If they brush it aside or aren’t willing to help – CHANGE GYMS! Bullying should not be tolerated in any environment.

You may worry that the gym isn’t for you because of your size, the way you look, your age, your experience and I can tell you the gym is literally for everyone and it can be the best decision you’ll ever make – it just takes finding the right gym, with the right atmosphere and the right people.

Since that first nervous day in the gym I now love the gym so much it is literally my job! I became a PT to help more people get stronger and fitter physically and mentally! The gym can make a terrible day good. It can help with anxiety and mental health. Once you find a supportive community and gym you won’t look back! 

If you are nervous about the gym drop me a message and we can have a chat – I have experienced the highs and lows of gym life! If you are in the Newport area we can also organise a consultation session to show you around the gym and have a chat about goals and your journey and how is best to get started!

Take that first step – visit a gym – it may just be the best thing you do!

Stay strong



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